With years of experience walking dogs, we know all the best routes to ensure that your canine companion receives a challenging and stimulating walk that best meets his individual needs. We select routes that will optimize the experience for your four-legged friend and will ensure that there is always enough time for some adventures and spontaneity along the way.

We give your dog what research shows: a dog who exhibits less stress, separation anxiety and a positive social temperament.

Having your dogs walked provides your dog the chance to get exercise and the personal attention and affection they love.

We offer:

  • 30 minute walks
  • 1-2 walks per week $20/each
  • 3-4 walks per week $18/each
  • 5-6 walks per week/$16 each
  • 45 minute walks
  • 1-2 walks per week 25/each
  • 3-4 walks per week $23/each
  • 5-6 walks $21/each

Additional dog add $5.00 per walk.

You may schedule daily, weekly, or as-needed.

If you can't find time to walk your dog, we're here to help. When you hire us, you can be assured that your pet is in good hands!


Laura A.

I can tell that Steve truly enjoys walking Ruby! I needed a walker in a pinch and he came through...I always feel that she is well taken care of and love seeing her happy face at the end of the walk.

Erika M.

Steve was prompt and very friendly and handled my VERY high energy lab with kindness and authority; he also sent me videos of my dog behaving well while on the walk!

Linda S.

Steve is one of the best walkers I have ever used. He taught me how to handle my dogs. He is very professional and very knowledgeable.

Frank F.

Steve is wonderful! Gets the job done and willingly does more if needed!

Candice B.

Steve has been absolutely fantastic with Bella! He has been working with her during walks so she doesn't pull so much. Bella has shown drastic improvement since walking with Steve in only one week! I can't rave enough about him...Steve is awesome! Thank you!!!

Sherry W.

Steve is amazing with dogs...definitely one of the best!

To arrange a meet and greet and a free first walk contact us today!