Superior Dog Boarding Service

If you are a dog owner who is occasionally out of town for work or pleasure then there is no reason why you should feel bad about this. In fact, by choosing Lead By Love Dog Care for your dog’s boarding needs, you are providing him or her with a holiday while you enjoy yours. At Lead By Love Dog Care we take great pride in the level of care and attention afforded to all dogs who stay in our home.For us, the number one priority is to always treat your dog like he's our own, and thanks to the number of loyal clients who have returned to our service, we like to think that we are achieving this goal.

Where would you rather leave your best friend for boarding?


or here?

  • At our dog boarding service in our home, we care for your pet while you are away.
  • You provide your pet's bed, food, favorite toy and anything else that he or she enjoys.
  • Our boarding service will be tailored to the needs of your best friend based on their regular routine.
  • If you would rather your pet stay in your own home, we'll make arrangements to check on your pet several times a day, ensuring that they are properly fed and let out for potty breaks.

Advantages of Professional Dog Boarding

Aside from anything else, maybe the biggest advantage that you will receive from investing in professional boarding service for your dog is peace of mind, and when all is said and done, this is priceless. When you invest in a boarding service from us you are guaranteed that your dog will receive the appropriate level of care and attention, as well as ensuring that any dietary requirements or medication is properly adhered to.

Boarding rate is $50/small dog, $60 large dog per night
Add a daily walk for an additional $10 per day.

($10 premium per day for holidays:
(Christmas/New Year, Easter, July 4th, and Thanksgiving).